Be Confident & Proud Of Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry is about more than fixing teeth. Real cosmetic dentistry is about bringing back your smile, enhancing your confidence, and helping you present an image that you can be proud of. When it comes to getting great results from Staten Island cosmetic dentistry, you only need to look as far as The Office of Dr. Michael Gastaldi, DDS.

There are several different aspects of cosmetic dentistry that our skilled dentists can use to help you get back that smile. If you want your teeth to be whiter, then there are processes that can be used to bring back your pearly whites. Cracked and chipped teeth are not only embarrassing, but they can be painful as well. If you bite your lip with a chipped tooth, you can cut into your lip. The Office of Dr. Michael Gastaldi, DDS is the Staten Island cosmetic dentistry expert that can fix the problem and prevent the pain.

Michael Gastaldi, DDS - Staten Island DentistrySmile Enhancement

Dentists often refer to cosmetic dentistry as smile enhancement because that is exactly what it does. When the work is done, your smile looks great and you have the confidence you need. If your job requires you to interact with the public, be on television, or be in Internet videos, then you need to let our experienced dentists use their skills to get you the best possible smile.

Our cosmetic dentistry team uses orthodontics, teeth whitening, and tooth repair to help create the perfect smile. Anyone who feels like his or her smile could be improved should make an appointment with us and we will give you the rundown on what we can do for you. Dr. Michael Gastaldi’s staff and technicians are friendly and professional, and we know how valuable your time is.

Urgent Cosmetic Dentistry

People of all ages want the ideal smile, and our dentists can help. For those emergency moments when you crack or chip a tooth, our dedicated dentists can help to fix the damage as though it never happened. Call Dr. Gastaldi’s office today and make the appointment that could change your life. We will show you just how cosmetic dentistry can open up new doors for you and give you the confidence you have always wanted.