Cutting Edge Orthodontics

Technology has brought many changes to the field of dentistry, and specifically to the field of orthodontics. If you want a Staten Island dentist who has kept up with all of the latest technology that makes straightening your teeth easier, then you want to give our office a call. Our team of Staten Island dentists is committed to using all of the latest technology and equipment to give you back that smile that you miss.

If you are a little older and think you may need braces, then you might be hesitant because you have memories of your past when you saw people wearing retainers, large pieces of head gear, or huge metal braces. These days, a dentist has many more options to offer patients that are not as obvious, and much more effective. You may even qualify for special braces that can be removed when you want to eat or clean them, and are nearly invisible. If this seems like a good fit for you, give us a call to learn more or schedule an appointment so we can have an in-depth discussion about your options.

Finding The Root Of The Problem

Michael Gastaldi, DDS - Staten Island Dentistry

Orthodontics is extremely important for many reasons. If your teeth grow in crooked, then you could be looking at painful surgery to fix the problem. For children, crooked teeth can create extreme pain that is almost impossible to control. But the experienced dentists at the Office of Dr. Michael Gastaldi, DDS can diagnose and treat your orthodontic issue.

In most cases, orthodontic issues can be found when you come in for your bi-annual checkup. But you should never hesitate to call our office if you are feeling pain in your jaw or something just does not feel right. Our dentists know it is especially important to keep a close eye on your young children’s teeth until it can be established that the teeth are growing in properly.

Full Service Orthodontist

The Office of Dr. Michael Gastaldi, DDS is a full-service Staten Island dental care office with an expertise in the field of orthodontics. Don’t let your smile slip away because you are hesitant about wearing correcting equipment. Give our office a call today and make an appointment-it may be easier to correct your problem than you may have expected. We pride ourselves in our ability to get to the core of the problem, give you an accurate diagnosis, and then offer the services you need to feel better.

For children and adults, The Office of Dr. Michael Gastaldi, DDS has the right orthodontic solution for all of their patients.