Periodontics & Complete Oral Health

Finding a good Staten Island periodontist is important because you never know when your gum or teeth issues can become a real problem. Our office has experienced periodontics experts who can monitor and treat any kind of issue. Whether you are dealing with inflammation of the gums or some other more serious issue, we are the Staten Island periodontist that can take care of your issues.

There are many reasons why you would need to see a periodontist, including a desire to have a tooth implant or replace a missing tooth. Have all of your dental needs taken care of in one place at The Office of Dr. Michael Gastaldi, DDS. Our experienced team of dentists includes dedicated and skilled periodontists that can handle all of your periodontal needs.

Our Periodontic Services

Michael Gastaldi, DDS - Staten Island Dentistry

Periodontics is also necessary when it comes to corrective procedures on the gums and teeth. Some of the services our office offers are:

  • precise gum surgery and gum graft surgery
  • gum regeneration
  • pocket reductions
  • various forms of plastic surgery

If it has been a while since you have had work done on your teeth or had a cleaning, then you should get to Dr. Gastaldi’s office as soon as you can to have your teeth and gums looked over. People who tend to avoid cleanings could develop gum issues that will become painful and spread throughout the body. Our dentists can put a stop to those problems and give you a clean bill of health.

Being Aware Of Issues With Your Gums

As we age, our teeth and gums start to require more monitoring to prevent the onset of gum disease and other issues. Our caring Staten Island periodontists know how to keep track of these issues with the elderly, and treat them with kindness and precision.

Since our office includes knowledgeable periodontists, you do not need to go out of your way to benefit from periodontal expertise. Our dentist’s skill is invaluable during your bi-annual checkup, and their ability to diagnose and treat gum issues will mean that you only have to see one doctor to have your periodontic issues identified and treated.